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Welcome to Enhance IT Sweden AB
System egineering
System egineering
Database design
Database design
System instalation
System instalation
Tech. transfer.
Tech. transfer

"Enhance it" is a consulting company in the IT sector that works with system development.

Our goal is in cooperation and after your specifications create working IT systems.

We are a reliable, serious and dedicated partner. We strive to give customer satisfaction and security throughout the whole development process. We therefore among other things subscribe on a liability insurance that protects both you and us from loss, damage and interrupt due to our common projects.

At further interest please ask to see CV.

Work method
Work method

What kind of work method do you want to use?

Your organization may already have policies about how to evolve and manage your own IT environment. We feel that it is important to follow the existing standard, so that your IT environment keeps being easily managed for you. Since you probably have several suppliers of IT products, we realize that it is harder for you to administrate one standard for every supplier instead of a common one for all of your suppliers.

We listen and adjust ourselves after your decisions according to what work methods and work procedures you want to use. For example:

  • Place of work (we have our own facilities, so you do not have to provide space for us unless you want us located at your premises).
  • Meeting frequency.
  • System engineering model.
  • Development tools.
  • Etc.

If you do not have your own ideas about this we can assist you with our own suggestions.


Do you have your own ideas about improving your organization regarding IT?

If that is the case, we at "Enhance it" are happy to conduct a cooperation to enhance your IT business and we are looking forward to function as your system/program -developer during this process.

Your ideas do not have to be finalized in any way. But it is good if you have some thoughts of what you want to accomplish.

Business idea
Business idea

Our business idea rests on that you as a customer have your own idea of what you want to evolve or improve in your organization. With that as a foundation we can then assist, realize and implement the goals you have.

To succeed with a project it is not enough with just great technical skills. We also believe that cooperation and good comunication are important success factors to achieve a good result. Therefore if possible we like to take advantage of you and your organizations business skills and to that then add our own profession on how to build and implement a desiered function into your IT environment. We look at it as a waste of time, knowledge and money if we can't make use of you and your organizations own business profession as far as possible during this process.

About the company
About the company


My name is Johan Ljunggren and I am the CEO on Enhance IT Sweden AB.

"Enhance it" is a small limited company that works with consulting services within the IT sector. The company is located to Sweden, Gävle but we take on commissions regardless of geographical location. A requirement those is that we have good means to communicate so that we are able to have a dialog with you as a client around your projects. Without a working dialog we see a great risk in that the product will end up to be something else than what you expected and we work hard on not to make that the case.

The company has been active since New Year of 2006 and it is mainly focused on software development of new systems and maintenance of old ones. Enhance it has F-skattsedel (Swedish income demand note) and a liability insurance.

The history behind the company name
The idea about the name "Enhance IT Sweden AB" was that one should be able to read it in 2 different ways. Partly as "Enhance IT" but also as "Enhance it". This little SHREWD is as far as I know no one that see?!? Fun those if you did notice it! "Sweden" in the company name then? Well, it is a demand from Bolagsverket (Swedish Companies Registration Office) then their name standard at the time of the company registration demanded that it should be a geographical connection included in the name.

My first contact with IT was in the beginning of the 80's because I at the time wanted to learn how to do programming. So I acquired myself a computer (Spectravideo) and on my spare time I learnt to write interpreter basic. The highlight on the Spectravideo was probably when I by programming managed to enter the game Monopoly into it. Then it has just moved on and by 2006 when I started this company I had roughly 25 years of computer experience. Of the 25 around 15 had been practiced professionally as a system administrator and as an IT consultant. The remaining 10 had gone to various summer jobs, an UN-service and school education with a master's degree in computer science as the final touch.

For myself I can say that I really enjoy working with this company. I do not just like the system development a lot since I have a logical nerve burning inside me, but I also like to run the company itself. I hope that you and your organization will find "Enhance it" interesting for further contacts and I am looking forward to meeting you in person to discuss your ideas.

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+46(0)73 0 735887
Enhance IT Sweden AB
Sjätte Tvärgatan 22B
SE-802 84 GÄVLE
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About the site
About the site
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